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What We Do

We invest in innovative companies that strive to impact and advance their industry. Our founders fearlessly lead into the future, determined to bring a meaningful change to the world. Agmen’s mission is to empower and support founders as they charge this incredible journey.

Progress & Movement

Our size allows us to move quickly and operate with a high level of efficiency. With no cap or sector limits, we are free to invest in great companies - any industry or niche. We look for dreamers, visionaries, pioneers, and game-changers.

Agmen /ˈaɡ.men/, [ˈäɡmɛn] in latin, means progress & movement, and this is exactly what we aim to create. Since its founding in 2021, Agmen has invested in 11 companies, including Glossier, Brain Corp, Tanium, and Omada health.

A visionary can’t help but take the risk because the impact is just too big not to pursue.

Managing Principle

As a founder and venture capitalist, Yehuda Schmukler is a bridge for founders. Yehuda speaks real business and knows to recognize real opportunities. Yehuda has built and managed multiple successful healthcare companies and has been fortunate to invest in very impactful companies such as Chargepoint, Clover Health, DigitalOcean, DoorDash, Instacart, Nextdoor, Palantir, Sprinklr, Wish.

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